J'aime les choses. Je les ai mis ici.

Question away!   Submit   I sing opera/classically; It's awesome.
I nerd around; It is also awesome.
I am a California girl living in a Texas land; YEEEE HAWWWW... y'all.
I like strawberries; YUMMY!
I have a plushie octopus named Odakota; We adventure together!
My blog is rated "✰" meaning that I tried...

"Life does not create me; I create myself."


My Desk Contents(Left to right): Letter for Jessi to be mailed on Monday-Three books I am currently reading(Terry Pratchett “Maskerade”, C.S. Lewis “The Four Loves”, C.S. Lewis “Till We Have Faces”)-KLENEX-My Phi cup with various pens inside-Beer Pint Glass-Notecards-Lotion-Mu Phi Pledge Photo-Makeup from Alissa-Hoops and Yoyo days of the week button-My doodle of Daeus and Adella covering more pictures of Daeus and Adella that I have yet to finish-Strawberry cell phone couch-Strawberry earbuds-13/14 year old pic of Alissa and myself-Marimo jar home-2012 memory jar-Bobby pin box-POCKY-LAP TOP- <3

My Wall Contents(Down to Up, Up to Down, Down to Up, ect…): Bing Crosby-Normal Rockwell Saturday Evening Post cover for October 9, 1920-Note from Mu Phi Big-Modeling photo for character inspiration-Self made mental health lists-Aristocats coloring book tear out colored for me by friend, Erika-Precious Moments letter from friends, K’senia and Amanda, More self made mental health posters, Photo of late Uncle David, Auntie Nikola, and brother Wyatt-Self Help Balance picture-more self help-more self help-Photo of London Bridge-Drawn picture from Uncle Paul-Photo of a SEXY library-Photo of late Michele(auntie of friend Alivia)-more self help posters-Postcard from Johnny Durand-“Spiritually Minded” Salt Lake City Temple photo-three post it notes from roomates, Petra and Marian-Congragulatory poster from choral director to me on getting the solo part of “Angel Gabriel” in “In Terra Pax” by Finzi in the recent Christmas concert-A London Bus photo-More inspirational character photo-Photo of Operatic Baritone, Nathan Gunn-Photo of a London telephone box and Big Ben-

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